About Us

Elevate apparel was created with a vision to elevate to your highest self.

This differs from each individual but the end result is the same - a return to your worth and truth.

We come to you from beautiful Vancouver BC Canada.


Our apparel is hand made is small batches with love and positive intensions with your best interest in mind, to feel confident in your own skin, to elevate and to be your best.  


There is limited quantity of each design and may contain imperfections in the prints. The beauty of how we do our process is that not every print is identical. We have a hand-printed nature and effort that goes into every item in the line. Please understand that returns and exchanges may be a longer process than we would like due to our limited quantities and sell-outs. 

Once items sell-out they will not be reprinted, until further notice.

At the Elevate warehouse, we are using the highest quality fabrics for our garments and using the highest quality of ink for our printing.


We thank you for your support and loyalty as we continue on our journey to bring our customers the highest quality products to allow you to continue on your journey as your best self.

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